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Porsche Taycan Rental front

Porsche Taycan Rental Orlando

The Taycan is the first all electric Porsche ever created. When you rent a Porsche Taycan in Orlando you will be driving a performance electric sedan with incredible performance and style.The sleek design is reminiscent of a Porsche Panamera but with a more modern touch and more of a futuristic feel. We provide Porsche Taycan rentals in Orlando on a daily, weekend, or weekly basis. Experience one of the coolest electric cars on the streets of Orlando the next time you visit and see why the Taycan may be one of the best electric sports cars ever made.

Porsche Taycan Rental rear


The Porsche Taycan is based on the Mission E concept car that was showcased back in 2015. The final design is almost identical to the concept car in it’s exterior and has the signature Porsche look written all over it. Although the Taycan looks similar to the Panamera, the Taycan is less busy and more streamline. In the front it features a four point led headlight configuration which gives it the appearance that the Leds are suspended in the housing. In the rear it comes with a seamless light strip that spans the width of the rear. Overall the Taycan is a sleek-looking Taycan with stylish 19-inch wheels and will electrify your time in Orlando. Rent a Taycan in Orlando and experience this electric sports sedan for yourself.


The Porsche Taycan has a quality well built interior. It is a four seater sedan with premium leather that has a modern feel. The Taycan comes with multiple digital displays. Behind the steering wheel is a 16.8-inch Curved Display called Porsche Advanced Cockpit. In the center there is a 10.9 inch touch screen display for controlling most of the media center functions along with the navigation system. Under the center screen in the center console there is another 8.4 inch touch screen display to adjust the cars climate control and performance features. The interior is luxurious and will provide you and your friends with a comfortable interior to ride around Orlando.

Porsche Taycan Rental interior
Porsche Taycan Rental engine


The Taycan 4S is a fully electric Porsche with it’s electric motors producing 522 horsepower. It has one motor for each axle for maximum performance. Due to the dual motors the Taycan is four wheel drive with a range between 198 and 226 miles. The battery packs are mounted on the floor and give the Taycan a nice balance for incredible handling performance. When you reserve a Taycan in Orlando you will be driving a performance electric Porsche that is fun to drive and easy to handle. The instant torque that the electric motors provide make it a great luxury car rental option to explore while in Orlando.




161 MPH







About Orlando Porsche Taycan rentals

The Porsche Taycan is one of the coolest and most technologically advanced Porsche rentals in Orlando. Compared to other electric car rental options the Taycan is the most stylish and the most performance oriented electric car. The combination of the Porsche DNA with the electric power terrain makes it a fun and exciting car to drive in Orlando. Experience one of the many magical theme parks and restaurants in Orlando with your friends and family in the drivers seat of the Taycan. We can have a new Porsche Taycan waiting for you outside of your home or hotel in Orlando with just one phone call.

The cost to rent a Porsche Taycan in Orlando starts from $599 per day. During holidays and special occasions the price can be higher than normal. You are also required to leave a $5,000 security deposit prior to having the car delivered to you. If you would like to get an exact quote for any of the exotic rentals we provide in Orlando give us a call. We strive to provide you with the best Porsche rentals in Orlando at an affordable price.

The lowest amount of time you can reserve a Porsche Taycan in Orlando is 24 hours. We cannot provide hourly Taycan rentals or any other exotic car rentals in Orlando. If you only want to rent the Taycan for a couple of hours we can arrange for an early pickup but you will still be required to pay for the full 24 hours.