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Maybach GLS600 Rental front

Maybach GLS600 Rental Orlando

When it comes to luxury SUV’s Mercedes makes some very luxurious models but if you want to drive something that is a step above the rest you can now rent a Maybach SUV in Orlando. The Maybach GLS 600 is the most luxurious Mercedes SUV rental in Orlando. The exterior design makes a huge statement with it’s 23 inch Maybach wheels, Maybach Grill and chrome accents throughout the car. This beautiful Maybach also has a bespoke interior that adds a touch of opulence perfect for riding around Orlando with your family and friends.

Maybach GLS600 Rental side


The design of the Maybach is based off of the GLS model but adds a touch of class. For instance the Maybach SUV has a custom Maybach vertical grill and lot’s of chrome accents in the front. There is also a Maybach logo on each side of the rear. The beautiful 23 inch Maybach branded chrome wheels are incredibly stylish and add to the allure of the Maybach SUV. Besides these minor style points the exterior is practically identical to the GLS600. Overall the subtle changes make this Maybach GLS600 an incredible luxury car rental option for Orlando. Drive it for yourself and experience a magical ride in a stylish Maybach.


The Maybach SUV really shines when you step inside. As soon as you open the door the Maybach branded running boards retract to give you easy access to the interior. The leather seats are put together with incredible detail and even include soft pillows on the headrest. The Maybach GLS600 only has room for 4 due to the elegant and technologically advanced rear cabin. Here is where the Maybach differentiates itself from the standard version. The rear seats are reclinable and you can almost lay flat in the rear. The seats come with a built in massage function and also have a tray table that folds out so you can use your computer in the back comfortably. You also have Carplay integrated and the Maybach has a Burmester sound system so you can play your favorite tracks with incredible sound.

Maybach GLS600 Rental interior
Maybach GLS600 Rental engine


Under the hood of the Maybach GLS600 sits a massive 4.0L V8 bi turbo engine. This is the same compact V8 engine found in the Mercedes GLS. The powerful motor can take the Maybach SUV from 0-60 in just 4.8 seconds.  The ride quality is exceptional thanks to Mercedes E active body control which eliminates body roll. It also comes with an extra electric motor that helps with throttle response for an extra kick of performance. The motor is paired to a 4MATIC® nine-speed automatic transmission with adjustable all-wheel drive. You can switch between rear wheel drive and all wheel drive by adjusting the settings inside.




198 MPH






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About Orlando Maybach GLS600 rentals

The Maybach is a step above the rest competing with brands like Rolls Royce and Bentley. Although it doesn’t quite match the interior quality and ride comfort it’s very close. It also has some features that the other brands don’t have like reclinable rear seats and a stunning LED lighting system that can set the mood. You can rent a Maybach in Orlando for a wedding, prom, birthday, anniversary, or just to cruise around in the best Mercedes SUV money can buy. We can even have the Maybach SUV delivered to your driveway in Orlando. With just one call you will have a new Maybach sitting outside of your home or hotel waiting for you to take it for a spin.

The cost to rent a Maybach GLS600 in Orlando starts from $1,695 per day. A security deposit is also required and ranges between $5,000 to $10,000. Depending on the insurance coverage you provide and your age the deposit can be higher or lower. If you would like to get an exact quote to rent the Maybach SUV in Orlando give us a call. Our mission is to provide you with the best Maybach rentals in Orlando at an affordable price point.

The least amount of time you can hire a Maybach GLS600 in Orlando is 24 hours. During some holidays and special events we may require a 2 or 3 day minimum.