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Ferrari Portofino Rental

Ferrari Portofino Rental Orlando

Drive around Orlando in Ferrari’s grand tourer this weekend. You can rent a Ferrari Portofino in Orlando for just a day or drive around all week in this four seater Ferrari. The Portofino is the successor to the California T with a more refined style and more performance. This sleek hard top convertible allows you to enjoy the amazing Orlando weather but also gives you the option to raise the top and get those sleek roof lines normally found on coupes. From it’s exotic looks to the powerful twin turbo engine you will have a great time riding around Orlando in this prancing pony.

Ferrari Portofino Rental side


The Ferrari Portofino is one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s you can rent in Orlando. It takes inspiration from the Ferrari Daytona with the extended front end not normally seen in a Ferrari. The design is much improved over the California T with it’s classy curves and new wheels. The newly designed body is not only visually appealing but also increases aerodynamics for better performance with 6 percent more airflow. With the top up it keeps those stunning roof lines and to the untrained eye most people might think it’s a coupe. When you want to immerse yourself in the Orlando sun you can drop the top and ride like the wind.



Unlike most Ferrari rentals in Orlando the Portofino comes with 4 seats instead of two. The interior is classic and has plenty of space. The leather seats are comfortable and are hand stitched to the highest standards. The rear is not very spacious but at least you have the option to bring your kids or pack some extra luggage.In the center there is a massive 10.25 inch high-resolution touchscreen display which displays navigation instructions and also allows you to control the media center with relative ease. The steering wheel is familiar with the manettino switch and start button for quick access. The Manetinno switch allows you to select different driving modes like comfort, sport and esc off. Overall the interior is comfortable and has the Italian touch Ferrari’s are known for.

Ferrari Portofino Rental interior
Ferrari Portofino Rental engine


Under the hood of the Ferrari Portofino is a fine tuned 3.9 liter twin-turbo V8 that roars when you step on the gas. The amazing sounds that come out of the exhaust are just some of the perks of renting a Ferrari in Orlando. The engine produces 600 horsepower and has a dual clutch automatic transmission for quick shifts that you can barely feel. To add to the performance the chassis has also been reinforced for 35% more rigidity than the California T. This helps the Portofino to minimize flex on turns and gives improved handling at any speed. Another cool feature is that the California comes with rear-wheel-drive for a more exciting driving experience.




198 MPH






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About Orlando Ferrari Portofino rentals

The Portofino is a beautiful Ferrari to rent in Orlando. It is a hard top convertible Ferrari with a stunning design and plenty of ponies under the hood. It also has a good amount of interior space and it’s the only Ferrari with rear seating. Drive around Orlando in this beautiful Ferrari and celebrate your next special occasion in style. Whether your in Orlando to celebrate your anniversary or want to create some content for Youtube with a Ferrari give us a call. We can have a Ferrari delivered right to your driveway in Orlando.

The daily rate to rent a Ferrari Portofino in Orlando starts from $1695. We also require a security deposit from $3,500 to $5,000 depend on your insurance coverage. We are dedicated to finding you the best Ferrari rentals in Orlando at an affordable price. If you would like an exact quote for the days you require the car give us a call. We can answer any questions regarding pricing and availability.


The lowest amount of time you can rent a Ferrari in Orlando is 24 hours. You can always arrange for an early pickup if you just need the car for a couple of hours but will still need to pay for the full day.