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Bentley GTC rental front

Bentley GTC Rental Orlando

The Bentley GTC is a stylish and luxurious convertible Bentley you can rent in Orlando. The all new Bentley GTC has an updated look both in the exterior and interior. You can rent a Bentley GTC in Orlando for just one day or drive around all weekend in this stylish luxury convertible. From the stunning headlight design to rear taillights this is an impressive luxury convertible. Explore Orlando in a stylish Bentley convertible the next time you visit Orlando.

Bentley GTC rental rear

Bentley GTC Rental Orlando EXTERIOR

The Bentley GTC has luxurious feel to it. The sweeping body lines and contemporary design make it a highly popular Bentley rental car offering in Orlando. Bentley has a long pedigree of creating some of the classiest and luxury refined vehicles. The Bentley GTC lives up to the Bentley standard and combines luxury with performance like no other car on the planet. The iconic quad headlights are a signature to Bentley and have now been upgraded with a full LED Matrix design. The Bentley Continental convertible will surly provide you with a pleasant driving experience in Orlando and we are happy to provide you with this stylish convertible for your next event.

Bentley GTC Rental Orlando INTERIOR

Inside the Bentley GTC you will find a plethora of luxury features you would expect from a high end Orlando luxury rental car. The GTC is a four seater with lots of space for you to sit back and relax. The opulent interior is created using hand stitched leather and book matched wood veneers crafted to perfection. Passengers in the rear will have a decent amount of space compared to what yo might find in other luxury convertibles due to the extended wheel base. The infotainment screen revels itself when you get in the car and hides away when you lock the car. The premium sound system also includes car play so you can listen to your favorite songs you have saved on your phone.

Bentley GTC rental interior
Bentley GTC rental engine


Although the GTC is mostly considered a luxury SUV it packs a 6.0-liter W12 engine under the hood. The powerful motor is paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission for quick shifting at any gear. The Bentley GT convertible can go from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds. The combination of power and luxury is hard to find in any other luxury convertible. Drive this incredible Bentley convertible this weekend in Orlando and experience another level of luxury and performance.




207 MPH






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About Orlando Bentley GTC rentals

The Bentley GTC is one of the fastest and most luxurious convertibles you cant rent in Orlando. While it is not the fastest exotic car rental in Orlando it is one of the fastest luxury convertible options. Imagine yourself driving around Orlando in a convertible Bentley for your next event. The GTC is one of the most luxurious convertibles in the world and combines power and opulence like no other car. You can rent a Bentley GT convertible for a wedding, birthday celebration, anniversary or just to ride around Orlando and visit the theme parks in a stylish convertible. We can have this beautiful Bentley rental delivered right to the driveway of your home or hotel.

The price for day in the Bentley GTC in Orlando starts from $1,295. Depending on how many days you need the car for and they year of the Bentley we have available at the time of your rental. A security deposit is also required and ranges from $5,000 and $10,000. Once the vehicle is returned with no damages it is returned in full within 3 days of your arrival. We strive to find you the best Bentley rentals in Orlando at an affordable cost.

If you would like to drive a Bentley in Orlando the least amount of time you can rent one is 24 hours. If you only want to rent a Bentley for a couple of hours we can always arrange for an early pickup but you will still need to pay for the full day regardless. We do offer Bentley chauffeurs in Orlando but the GTC is not always available for chauffeur. Give us a call and we can discuss any questions you might have regarding all of the options you have for renting a Bentley in Orlando.