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Range Rover Rental New York

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You can now rent a Land Rover in NYC daily, weekly or even monthly. The ultimate symbol of a luxury SUV that can handle the rough streets of New York with class. Our Range Rover HSE rental service is popular among our celebrity and executive clients. If you’re visiting the big apple or looking for a beautiful luxury SUV to drive up to the Hampton’s we have you covered. Land Rover SUV’s have a perfect combination of comfort, luxury, and practicality. We offer a great selection of models including the Range Rover HSE, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Evoque. Range Rovers offer a considerable amount of space for your luggage and supreme versatility. Let us deliver a Land Rover to Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, the Hampton’s, JFK, and La Guardia airport. We can also deliver any one of the luxury car rentals you choose to New Jersey. Rent Land Rover New York today and experience a beautiful luxury car rental in NY. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service when you rent from us. If you have any questions regarding our Land Rover rental services feel free to give us a call or select one of the luxury SUV models below.

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If your interested in renting a luxury car in NY and need space for your friends, family or coworkers you’ll probably need an SUV. You can just rent a ordinary SUV but if you want to travel in style while commuting threw the big apple then a Range Rover might just be the best option. Range Rover is basically a high end version of Land Rover. These luxury SUV’s provide the ruggedness of an all terrain vehicle with the luxury comforts of a private jet inside. Range Rover rentals in New York are a big hit among celebrities, executives and just regular folks who want to drive a beautiful SUV for the weekend. In fact we get more request for Range Rover rentals in NY than any other luxury SUV. If your visiting New York and want to travel threw Manhattan in style a Range Rover rental might be the ideal fit. Imagine driving your favorite Range Rover to the Hampton’s to dine at your favorite restaurant. Most people in NY take public transport but what if your heading to south Hampton to play a round of golf at Shinnecock Hills G.C and you need space for your golf buddies and every ones clubs. Another pro of renting a Range Rover is there is a multitude of models you can pick.  It’s a luxurious SUV to drive around for your weekend trip to New York.  When you drive a Range Rover in NY you will be in the drivers seat of a premium luxury SUV that will provide a comfortable ride for long trips.  If you need more room in the rear you can always rent a Range Rover LWB the Long wheels base version that gives rear passengers more space and plenty of room to stretch your legs. You can also hire a Range Rover LWB in New York with a driver and chauffeured around New York like a big shot.

A Range Rover rental in New York can vary in pricing anywhere between $399-$695 per day. During Independence day, Memorial day, New Years, Christmas or Labor day expect for cost to be a little more. Of course you will always get the best deals when you do a long term Range Rover rental because the more days you reserve the car for the better the prices will be. You can save as much as 30% by renting a Range Rover on a monthly basis. One other requirement is a security deposit that ranges between $995 and $3000 but is returned once the rental is done. We can also deliver your favorite Range Rover to your home, hotel, or business anywhere in New York, New Jersey and everywhere in between.

Range Rover HSE LWB
The Range Rover LWB version is the best of the best when it comes to Land Rovers. The extra room in the rear and extended rear make it a highly sought after luxury SUV to rent in New York. It’s not just the flagship model the chassis is stretched  to provide rear passengers extra room to enjoy the comfortable seating and premium stereo system. You can rent a Range Rover HSE LWB for day in New York and experience  it for yourself but they sell out quick and there very limited availability. If you really want to drive this version we recommend you book at least 2 weeks in advance especially during busy seasons. Ready to rent the best Range Rover in New York? Call us this weekend and we would be happy to provide you with the exact price and availability for your desired dates.

Range Rover HSE
The standard Range Rover HSE is an incredibly popular choice with a contemporary exterior and beautiful cabin design. Since we got in the business it’s always been once of the most popular luxury SUV rentals in the big apple. Our customer’s really love this car. If you watch movies and shows you’ve probably seen all the executives and celebrities are always driving one of these bad boys.  Make a statement by showing up in the flagship model for your next business meeting. After all first impressions are everything in the business world. It is a full-sized luxury SUV that everyone loves to rent in New York. Its also a popular rental car to splurge for an anniversary, wedding, prom, birthday, or meeting with a new client.

Absolutely, we’ve worked with multiple movie studios from all around the country that want to rent a Range Rover. From TV commercials to your favorite shows we’ve helped production studios and photographers find the perfect Range Rover rental in New York. If you decided on a  Range Rover you need for your show or commercial give us a call and we can explain what your options are. To summarize it you really have two options. You can hire a Range Rover with a chauffeur and he will take car of placing the car where you need it or driving it back and forth until you get the perfect shot or you can rent it. If you hire a Range Rover chauffeur he will be the only person authorized to drive the car. If you rent the Range Rover under your name whoever you will have the car for a minimum of 24 hours and can have your actors or personnel drive the car and get you the perfect shot. In order to rent a Range Rover in New York you are required to email us your drivers license and insurance documents before your rental can be approval.

From New York all the way to New Jersey we can have your favorite Range Rover delivered to your venue. A Range Rover is classy and iconic which is most likely why so many couples choose to rent them for weddings. If you want to hire a spacious luxury SUV for a wedding you can rent a Range Rover for as long as you require and drive around New York with your significant other in luxury. The Range Rover HSE LWB is a very popular choice for weddings. You could also hire an HSE long wheel base with a driver so you can have extra room in the back to sit back and let a chauffeur drive you and your love around town.