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McLaren 720S Spider Rental

McLaren 720S Spider Rental Miami

Discover the lighter, stronger and fastest McLaren 720s supercar. You can rent a McLaren 720S Spider in Miami for a day or the entire weekend. The distinct styling of the McLaren make it a popular choice for exotic car rentals in Miami. It’s a hard top convertible giving you the best of both worlds. If the heat is getting to much while your driving down South Beach you can always raise the top with the touch of a button. If you’re debating on which McLaren to rent in Miami this weekend the 720s is a top contender. This is surely a convertible super car that outperforms all your expectations. Discover the style and performance of the McLaren 720S Spider today.

McLaren 720S Spider Rental rear


The designers at McLaren took inspiration from the Great White Shark when designing the 720s. The sleek lines of exterior are distinctly McLaren with smooth flowing lines that are booth exotic and functional. The swoops and scoops are used to direct air to reduce drag and cool the motor. Built around a a one-piece carbon fiber tub to help save weight and provide unparalleled strength. This MonoCage II proprietary carbon fiber cabin was first developed in the iconic McLaren P1™ hyper-car. Overall the design of the McLaren 720s is futuristic and looks amazing with its majestic doors that open upward.


The 720s Spider can raise or lower the top in 11 seconds with the touch of a button. Once you raise the top you will be pleasantly surprised with the low noise in the interior. With the roof down the exterior design of the car’s flows inside. One of the coolest features of the 720s is the twin-hinged dihedral doors that open upward as you exit this spaceship. Of course the minimalist interior is built to perfection. With high end materials stitched to perfection. Like a spaceship the sweeping doors make getting in and out of your McLaren rental car effortless and elegant.

McLaren 720S Spider Rental interior
McLaren 720S Spider Rental steering wheel


The McLaren 720s has a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine generates a blazing fast 710hp. Due to the ultra-lightweight Monocage II-S it allows the 720s to go from 0-60 in just 2.3 seconds. That is as fast as some hyper cars like the Bugatti Veyron and La Ferrari. This is one of the most powerful exotic car rentals in Miami with a top speed of 212mph. Push the limits of your trip to Miami with a powerful McLaren rental




212 MPH






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If your visiting Miami or are a local and want to drive one of the hottest exotic car rentals in Miami then the 720s is a great choice. It’s one of the fastest exotics around and looks fast even while parked. It also has those cool McLaren dihedral doors that open up. This convertible McLaren is sure to please even the pickiest car enthusiast. The McLaren 720s is the perfect car to enjoy while attending a wedding, birthday, holiday or celebrating a memorable anniversary. If your looking to showcase the success of your brand you can even create an advertising campaign with the 720s. There is no better feeling then driving down South Beach with the top down in the convertible 720s.

The cost to rent a McLaren 720s spyder in Miami can range between $1695-1,895 for 24 hours. This mostly depends on the supply and demand. During holidays and special events prices can be slightly higher than normal. You will also have to pay a refundable deposit from $5,000 and $15,000. You will receive your deposit after 3 days of returning the car as long as no damage occurs during your rental. In Miami we provide free delivery for most of the McLaren rentals so you won’t need to pay any extra fees for transport. Our goal is to always find our customers the best exotic car rentals in Miami for the the best price. We can have your favorite McLaren delivered to your door step anywhere in Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami International Airport and the surrounding areas.

The least amount of time you can rent the McLaren 720s Spyder in Miami is one full day. None of the McLaren rentals we offer are allowed to rent for less than 24 hours so hourly rentals are not an option. We consistently get asked for hourly rentals with the 720s Spyder but have strict minimum one day policy. You always have the option to return the car earlier but will still be charged for the full day. After all why would you want to rent such a magnificent car for only a couple of hours.