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Ferrari F8 Tributo rental

Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental Miami

The Ferrari Tributo is the latest prancing horse to take over the streets of Miami. You can rent a Ferrari Tributo for the weekend in Miami today. Drive the latest Ferrari down the streets of Miami Beach and experience jaw dropping looks and extreme performance. We can have a gorgeous Ferrari waiting for you outside of your hotel or home anywhere in South Florida. Why settle for any exotic car rental when you can experience the latest Ferrari in Miami this weekend.

ferrari F8-tributo rental side profile


The design of the Ferrari F8 Tributo refine the flagship series to another level.  The F8 Tributo looks sleeker and lower than ever before. It’s revamped styling and refined aerodynamics provide increase airflow to keep this pony on the pavement. The large S-duct in the hood  is not only aesthetically pleasing but helps keep the car stable during high speeds by adding additional down force. Compared to the predecessor the Ferrari 488 GTB this one is much more aggressive. The new F8 also has nicer looking headlights in the front. The rear has also been redesigned adding an additional set of lights. So instead of having 2 tail lights in the rear there are four. Overall this is an impressive Ferrari that is sure to become a customer favorite in Miami. Rent a Ferrari F8 Tributo in Miami today.


The Ferrari F8 Tributo has one of the most comfortable interiors for an exotic car rental in Miami. It seats 2 people with plenty of leg room for larger drivers. Inside you’ll find everything you come to love from a Miami exotic car rental that features the iconic horse logo. Hand-stitched premium leather is draped all around the cabin in meticulous detail. The infotainment system has also been upgraded to provide more compatibility with your phone using CarPlay. It also updated the air vents to be round like the Ferrari F12. The F8 doesn’t have massive screens like some of the other exotic car rentals in Miami keeping you focused on the driving experience while still having navigation directions on the speedometer to get you where your going with ease. The magic happens on the steering wheel where you will find physical buttons to allow you to fine tune your driving experience using Ferrari’s signature Manettino switch.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental interior
Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental engine


The F8 Tributo has a powerful twin turbo V8 engine that produces incredble sound and 710 horse power. It has the same engine found in the iconic 488 pista. The massive V8 engine can been seen from outside the car thanks to it’s clear polycarbonite engine cover. Using the Manettino dial you can switch between a variety of modes including comfort, sport and esc off. The beautiful twin turbo engine is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that switches gears for you in an instant. It can go from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds.Compared to the 488 the new Ferrari F8 turns the performance up another notch making it one of the funnest Ferrari rentals in Miami to drive. Explore Miami Beach in the drivers seat of the latest Ferrari rentals today.




211 MPH






Ferrari f8 rental
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The Ferrari F8 is the latest super car by the iconic brand. Whether your celebrating a product launch, anniversary, wedding, birthday or just want a cool car for your next event the F8 will surely blow away your expectations. For being a high end super car the Ferrari F8 is one of the most comfortable options. Compared to other brands like Lamborghini or McLaren the Ferrari provides a classic feel. We can have a Ferrari F8 delivered to your home or hotel anywhere in Miami including Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Sunny Isles, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Midtown, Brickell, or Wynwood. With our Miami Ferrari rental program you can drive a Ferrari without having to buy one. Renting a Ferrari F8 in Miami is also a great way to test drive the car if you plan on purchasing one. These cars are sold out everywhere so there is a long list even if you want to buy one.If your one the waiting list this is a great way to drive the car and see it’s performance before yours arrives.

The cost to rent a Ferrari F8 Tributo in Miami can vary between $1995-$2895 per day. There is also a $15,000 security deposit required on the day the car is delivered. Keep in mind this is the latest exotic car rental in Miami and we have customers on our waiting list. Depending on your location there may also be a delivery fee required. We do offer free delivery to Miami Airport as well as Miami Beach and the nearby areas. If you would like exact pricing for your desired rental dates feel free to give us a call. We always aim to provide our customer with the best prices for the best Ferrari rentals in Miami.

The least amount of time you can rent a Ferrari F8 in Miami is one day. If you just need the car for a couple hours we can pickup the car when your done but you will still have to pay for the full 24 hour rental. Due to the high demand of this specific Ferrari there may also be 2 or 3 day minimum day requirements. Because of the limited cars available and the high demand there are no exceptions to these minimums.