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Rolls Royce Dawn side view

Rolls Royce Dawn Rental LA

Drive off in the sunset down Beverly Hills in the most luxurious convertible in the world. You now have the option to rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Los Angeles. Experience a luxury convertible like never before. The Dawn is the perfect luxury car rental for your weekend getaway in Los Angeles. We can provide you with a Rolls Royce Dawn rental for the day, weekend, or on a weekly term. A Rolls Royce convertible is such an iconic car that there is one always parked outside of Rodeo Drive just basking in the beautiful LA weather.

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The Dawn is a highly sophisticated luxury motor car that exceeds the definition of excellence and opulence. Combined with the latest technology in the automotive industry this British motor car is the proper gentleman’s mode of transportation. This bespoke vehicle also comes with the rear-hinged coach doors Rolls Royce is known for. The iconic Rolls-Royce grill with the signature spirit of ecstasy sitting above makes the Dawn stand out among a see of other luxury car rentals. Regardless if you like to drive down Rodeo drive topless or prefer to ride with the top up the Dawn is an elegant motor car that is loved by many.   The exterior features sweeping shoulder lines that run across the body making it a looker for sure. It features a French seam on the soft-top roof that give it a sleek look. In order to truly appreciate the Rolls Royce Dawn you must see it in person. There really is no other luxury convertible like it in the world. Drive the latest Rolls Royce convertible in LA this weekend.



The Dawn features a cabin that is meticulously crafted by the best of the best. It can seat 4 people in it’s elegant bespoke cabin with plenty of room for taller passengers. The cabin is adorned with the finest leathers and high quality metals that are finished to perfection. Even though it features a soft top roof design the interior is one of the quietest in the world. This is partly due to the sound damning materials used inside along with the next level suspension system. The two combined make you feel like your riding on a cloud through the streets of Los Angeles. In just 22 seconds you can convert your experience from an outdoor open-air experience to a quite and intimate interior. Like with all Rolls Royce rentals in LA the Dawn comes with a premium sound system that will showcase your favorite songs in all there glory.


Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Interior
Rolls Royce Dawn Rental wheels


The power of the Rolls Royce Dawn comes from a massive twin turbo6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine that has endless amounts of power 563 horsepower to be exact. The difference between this and a V12 sports car engine is that it’s not meant for speed but rather to provide constant power at any speed. Combined with an 8 speed ZF transmission, this powerful engine glides the Rolls Royce Dawn from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. The new dawn also has driver assistance features that allow you to close the doors from inside the car without having to touch the door handle. With the press of a button you can close both your door and the passengers door. Every time you drive a Dawn in LA it provides new opportunities and possibilities. the latest in automotive technology to provide the smoothest ride possible. Feel the performance for yourself when you rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Los Angeles.




155 MPH






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About LA Rolls Royce Dawn rentals

If your looking to rent a luxury convertible and want the best of the best then the Dawn is the number one choice. Out of all the luxury car rentals in LA the Dawn is one of the most requested. The Dawn is truly a masterpiece of automotive engineering. It’s quiet bespoke interior and elegant demeanor make it a popular choice for weddings, birthday celebrations, anniverarys, corportate events, proms or any special event you might be attending. We can have a Rolls Royce Dawn delivered right to your door in Malibu, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach,
Hidden Hills, Rolling Hills, Bel-Air Estates, Beverly Park, Redondo Beach, Upper Laurel Canyon, Palos Verdes Estates, West Hollywood, Brentwood Park, and even Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We also provide delivery to all of the private airports in Los Angeles as well. There’s no better place we can think of to enjoy a Rolls Royce Dawn rental then in the beautiful city of LA. Don’t just rent any luxury car in Los Angeles. Rent the most luxurious convertible in the world. Our Rolls Royce Dawn rental service is now available in Beverly Hills.


The cost to rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Los Angeles ranges between $1,495-$1995 per day. Prices fluctuate during holidays and when there are special events going on in LA. There is also a deposit required that averages around $10,000. It all depends on the insurance coverage you provide when you would like to rent the car.  Our goal is to always provide our customers with the best prices for the best Rolls Royce Dawn rentals in Los Angeles. Although we do offer free delivery to LAX Airport and most parts of Beverly Hills if the drop off location is too far away there can also be a delivery fee. If you would like to get exact prices for your specific rental dates feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to help answer any questions regarding pricing and availability.

The least amount of time you can rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in LA is 24 hours. If you just need to rent the car for an hour or two we can provide you with the service but you will still have to pay the full 24 hour rate for the car. These cars are in very high demand and so we have a strict one day minimum policy. Due to the nature of the exotic car rental business the 24 hour policy is the only way it makes sense for us to do business.