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Lamborghini Urus Rental front

Lamborghini URUS Chauffeur LA

The URUS is one of the few exotic SUV’s you can hire with a driver in Los Angeles. It’s a one of a kind Lamborghini SUV that can be used with our luxury chauffeur service in LA. The URUS has a sleek design and has the same aggressive styling found in their high performance sports cars. Surprise one of your loved ones with a Lamborghini chauffeur for a prom, a birthday, or an anniversary. You can also rent the URUS with a driver for promotional events or corporate gatherings.

Lamborghini Urus Rental rear


The Lamborghini URUS has the same aggressive design featuring the hexagonal patterns found in the high end sports cars. The Italian sports SUV is one of the most unique in it’s class. It gives you the option to experience a Lamborghini without having to worry about driving. It’s especially cool for proms or events where you want to be driven around in a Lamborghini. Overall the Lamborghini URUS features a sleek Italian design and will make a great vehicle to travel in while your in Los Angeles. What could be more exciting then getting driven around Beverly Hills in the back seat of a Lamborghini. Call us today and we can setup your reservation.


Inside of the Lamborghini URUS you will find a beautiful interior that can seat 3 in the back and one additional passenger up front. It feature the signature Lamborghini design with large touch screen displays and beautifully crafted buttons for putting the car into gear and changing driving modes. The seats are covered in leather or suede and are very comfortable for long rides. The driver can either put the SUV in a comfort setting or go full Corsa and give you a more aggressive sports car like ride. After all if you wanted a quiet and smooth ride you would probably go with a Rolls Royce instead. Lamborghini makes some of the coolest looking cars in the world and it’s evident that the URUS has the Lamborghini DNA ingrained in the design of the interior.

Lamborghini Urus Rental interior
lamborghini urus rental engine


 The URUS is a high performance SUV that is built with a powerful 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine under the hood. It also has incredible driving dynamics and a smooth ride. Depending on what mode the driver puts the car in you will have a ride experience. In comfort mode the URUS feels incredibly smooth as if it were a luxury SUV. If you prefer more of a thrilling experience the driver can engage Corsa mode which opens up the exhaust and make the URUS feel more like a sports car. What ever mode you prefer we can have a driver pick you up anywhere in Los Angeles in a new Lamborghini URUS. Getting chauffeured in a URUS is a one of a kind experience that will enhance your stay in Beverly Hills.


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About LA Lamborghini URUS chauffeur service

If your looking for a unique chauffeur experience the URUS is a great option. The Lamborghini SUV is a fun and exciting way to get around Los Angeles. If your ready to experience one of the coolest limo options in LA this is it. It’s the only Lamborghini that has a rear seat so you can get driven around in a high performance SUV. Whether you would like to hire a private driver for your anniversary, a wedding, your birthday, your kids prom, or a corporate event we can help you. We can have a Lamborghini URUS waiting for you with a professional driver outside of your home or hotel in Beverly Hills. We can even wait for you outside of LAX Airport so you will be ready to ride in style as soon as you land.

The hourly rate to hire a Lamborghini URUS with a chauffeur in Los Angeles starts from $400 an hour. This is not including automatic gratuity, taxes,  tolls, or any fuel surcharges. Call us today and we can provide you with an exact quote for the amount of hours you need the car. For longer chauffeur jobs we have discounted rates. Our goal is to provide you with the best Lamborghini chauffeurs in Los Angeles at the best price possible.

The lowest amount of time you can hire the URUS is 4 hours. This applies to all of the luxury chauffeurs we provide in LA.