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Tesla Rental Vegas

tesla rental

Tesla’s are fun to drive great for the environment and will save you some cash by not having to head to the pump to refill. If you would like to rent a Tesla in Las Vegas we can help you to get behind the wheel of your favorite Tesla models. You can choose from three different models, the Tesla Model X, Model S, and the Model 3. Each one has it’s own personality and features that separate it from the rest. Some models like the Plaid versions have incredible performance and an exhilarating driving experience.You can rent a Tesla for a day or drive around all weekend in a cool electric luxury sedan or SUV.  Tesla makes some of the most technologically advanced luxury SUV’s in the world and are also very comfortable with a good amount of interior room. There not only stylish but also one of the safest cars you can rent in Vegas. If there are none available in Vegas when you can we can have one delivered to you from the nearest can rental center in LA. Give us a call today and let us help you get behind the wheel of a cool new Tesla today.

TESLA MODEL 3 rental


Tesla’s have become one of the most iconic luxury electric cars. Most of the time when you think of an electric car you think of the Tesla brand. The minimalist design of both the exterior and interior are not only visually appealing but also aerodynamic to provide the optimum performance. The large LED found inside is easy to navigate and the smart cruise control is one of the best in the industry. If you want to drive a cool electric car in Vegas and want an eco friendly option then a Vegas Tesla rental is just the right car rental option. The company is run by the same person that runs Space X a aerospace company which I can imagine some of the advances have come from. Some of the features like assisted self driving capabilities and the cool rear doors that open upward on the Model X are just some of the unique features you can only find in a Tesla. You can rent a Tesla in Vegas for your next birthday, corporate event, or any special occasion you might want to rent a cool electric car. We can have a Tesla rental car delivered straight to your hotel on the Vegas strip.

The price for a day in a Tesla in Vegas varies based on which model you choose to rent and where the car is located. The price usually ranges from $395-$995 per day. There is also a deposit required that ranges from $1000-$5,000 depending on the insurance coverage you provide. If the car is in Vegas on the days you need it there is no additional cost for delivery to any hotel on the Vegas strip. If not we can still have one delivered for an additional fee. You can even pay for just a one way transfer and then drop the car off in LA. We aim to provide you with the best Tesla rentals in Vegas at the best price.

Tesla Model S

The most popular Tesla to rent in Vegas is by far the Tesla Model S. It was the first to be released by Tesla. It is a spacious luxury SUV with plenty of interior space and a nice simple luxury interior. The seats are comfortable and it also has plenty of performance. One of the nice things of renting an electric car is the amount of torque they provide. When you step on the gas of a Tesla the power is instant. On the higher end models like the Plaid and P100D they provide super car performance in a simple luxurious package. If you’ve never driven a Tesla and want to try one out on your next trip to Vegas give us a call the Model S is a fun and spacious car rental option that you will surly enjoy.

Tesla Model X
Another popular Tesla rental in Vegas is the Model X. It is even more spacious and comfortable then the Model S with a similar design, The Model X provides incredible visibility with it’s full glass roof to allow you to see all of the lights on the Vegas strip in all their glory. One of the most unique features of the Model X that separate it from all other luxury SUV rentals in Vegas are the rear doors that open upward. You can even open and close the gull wing doors from inside using the touch screen display or the physical buttons on the inside of the vehicle. It not only looks cool but also makes it easy to get in and out of the car.Overall you will have a great time while cruising around Vegas in a luxury car rental like the Model X.