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Rolls Royce Dawn side view

Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Vegas

Experience Rolls Royce Dawn rental, the latest addition to our selection of luxury car rentals in Vegas. The most beautiful luxury convertible to come out of the Goodwood plant in England has everything you would expect from a high-end motor car. Every inch was meticulously crafted with luxury in mind. Drop the top of this finely crafted motor car and feel the wind blowing in your hair as you experience a moment of pure bliss. Ready to experience on of the most luxurious convertibles in the world give us a call. Driving a Rolls Royce Dawn down the Las Vegas strip is now a reality. 
Rolls Royce Dawn Rental rear


When you see the Dawn in person you could tell this is not your average Vegas luxury car rental. The Dawn’s presence is iconic with the famous Rolls-Royce grill and spirit of ecstasy up front. This convertible Rolls Royce looks good with the top up or down. It has a large body with sweeping shoulder lines for a bold and elegant touch. The convertible roof also features a French seam for a smooth transition between the top and body of the car. Experience the best  Rolls Royce convertible in Las Vegas and cruise the strip in style. The unique styling and opulent aura of the Dawn will surly make your trip to Vegas unforgettable.


The pristine soft hand-stitched leather adorns almost every part of the interior. Combined with exotic wood veneers that have been book matched to showcase the beautiful natural grains it is the most luxurious convertible in the world. The bespoke audio system can be paired with your phone to play your favorite Frank Sinatra songs. Created by audio engineers the audio system has been fine-tuned to provide the ultimate setting. Your songs will sound amazing in the premium sound system that also features Apple Car Play for easy connectivity and quick access to all of your favorite navigation apps. See the amazing interior for yourself when you hire a Rolls Royce Dawn in Las Vegas today.
Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Interior
Rolls Royce Dawn Rental wheels


The ultimate Rolls Royce car service provides an effortless amount of power that is subtle yet feels endless. The Dawn is a motor car of uncompromising attention to detail. The perfect car to explore Vegas and create lasting memories with the people and places that matter most. The Dawn features the latest in automotive technology to get your to your destination in pure luxury. The 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine paired with the advance transmission gives you the sensation that the car has unlimited power. It also features Rolls Royce  driver assistance, It gives you the experience of having a chauffeur without a chauffeur. The combination of the V12 motor and advancements in automotive technology will provide you with a ride you will never forget.




155 MPH






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About Vegas Rolls Royce Dawn rentals

If you want to drive the most luxurious convertible while visiting Las Vegas the most popular luxury car rental is the Rolls Royce Dawn. Rolls Royce is known for producing some of the most luxurious cars in the world and the Dawn is just that. The elegant lines and powerful V12 under the hood make it one of the most sought after luxury rentals in Vegas. The Dawn’s elegant design, iconic grill and bespoke interior are just some of the reasons you might want to drive it around Vegas. Immerse yourself in the moment and indulge in the ultimate Rolls Royce rentals Las Vegas style. You can rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Vegas for 4 hours or drive around the Vegas strip in a Rolls Royce convertible all weekend. We can deliver this beautiful luxury car for free to any hotel on the Vegas strip including The Bellagio, Four Seasons Las Vegas, the Encore, Aria, The Cosmopolitan, Venetian, Mandarin Oriental, Wynn, or Caesars Palace. We can also deliver the car to McCarran International Airport so it will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Renting the most exclusive Vegas luxury rides does not come cheap. This beautiful Rolls Royce Dawn starts at $1,795 a day to rent. The Dawn also requires a security deposit on the day of your rental. If the car is not in Vegas at the moment a round-trip transportation fee of $1800 to bring it from LA and take it back. If you would like to drive the car from Vegas to LA then you will only have to pay $895 for a one-way transport. Another requirement is the $5,000 security deposit which is returned once the car is brought back. If you would prefer to rent a luxury car that is already in Vegas give us a call. When can check availability for you and give you several options as well as an exact price quote for the days you need the car. Our goal is to provide you with the best Rolls Royce rentals in Las Vegas at the lowest price possible. Rent a Rolls Royce for a day, weekend or even for a month. We have special rates for long-term rentals in any of the luxury car rentals we offer in Vegas.

The least amount of time you can rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Las Vegas is 4 hours. Overall it’s much cheaper if you just rent the car for 24 hours because essentially your getting 20 more hours with the car for the price of an extra 4 hours.