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McLaren Rental Vegas

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The most advanced exotic car rental in Vegas. McLaren makes some of the most unique vehicles in the world. Drive one of these powerful and stylish exotic cars in Vegas the next time you visit. McLaren was created by Bruce McLaren the legendary F1 race car builder and his spirit lives on in these new exotics that are now available for anyone to enjoy. Rent your favorite McLaren in Las Vegas today and experience one of these finely tuned machines for yourself. Choose from a variety of models such as the McLaren 720s Spyder, Mclaren 570s Spyder or the 650s Spyder. Anyone of these magnificent hard top convertible super cars will make your trip to Vegas unforgettable.

McLaren 650S Spyder rental


Just looking at a McLaren you can automatically tell there’s something different about these cars. The styling looks more like a spaceship than a super car. The aggressive design language make these cars very aerodynamic and have a unique design that is not found in any other sports car. If you want a truly unique vehicle during your stay in Miami then a Mclaren rental is just the right car for you. These beautiful exotic rental cars have the latest technology inherited from the high performance race cars they produce.Your gonna love the performance and style that McLaren rentals in Miami provide.

The price to rent a McLaren in Vegas ranges anywhere from $995-$1950 per day. Depending on what insurance you provide you may also have to pay a refundable security deposit that can range between $1,000 to $5,000 while you drive the vehicle. The price to rent a McLaren also depends on how many days you take the car for. For longer rentals we provide discounted prices. Our long term McLaren rental service allow you to drive your favorite cars for weeks at a time. If your arriving at Miami International Airport you wont have to pay for delivery. We offer free delivery to MIA Airport and the surrounding area. For other areas such as South Beach or Miami Beach fee’s can range between $100-$200 each way depending on how far you are from the nearest exotic car rental location.


McLaren 720s Spyder
The 720s is the newest and most exotic looking McLaren available for rent in Las Vegas. The aggressive styling and powerful engine make this a high demand super car rental on the Vegas strip. Get behind the wheel of this hard top convertible and cruise the Las Vegas strip with the sun beaming and the wind at your back. A masterpiece of engineering and design this sports car is an exciting super car to drive while exploring sin city. Were talking this beast can go from 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds. As with all Vegas exotic car rentals we advise you not to exceed the speed limit but man does this thing pull hard. Experience the flagship car developed by a brand that builds F1 race cars. A Mclaren 720s rental in Vegas can make your trip to Vegas unforgettable.

McLaren 570s Spyder
The 570s Spyder is another very cool car and has incredible performance just like it’s big brother. Drop the top on this hard top convertible and step on the gas and you’ll fall head over heals with this super car. The mid-engine beast comes to life as soon as you step on the throttle. The exterior is also very unique and you might get confused for an astronaut because it looks like a spaceship when it’s roaring past. One other cool feature not found in many sports cars is the doors that open upward. The 570s comes with the cool doors that open upward. Overall the 570s feels well built and  put together and has a decent amount of leg room compared to other exotic car rentals in Las Vegas. It’s also cheaper to rent then the 720s and still gives you an incredible experience.

Yes we we get calls all the time from ad agencies looking for a cool car to serve as a backdrop to their perfect picture. If you want your product to stand out then a beautiful exotic car like a McLaren might be the perfect fit. This is one of the most uniquely styled exotics in the world and can be ready for your photo shoot with just one call. You can also rent a McLaren for music video’s, movies, TV show’s or even for your wedding photos. If you want a car that really stands out McLaren is a great option. We would be happy to help you find the best McLaren for your creative project. One thing to keep in mind is that If you are planning on driving the car during your photo shoot or video production we would need all the required documents such as proof of insurance and a valid drivers license.

Mclaren produces some of the most beautiful super cars in their world. If your getting married in Vegas and want a unique car to drive off into the sunset then this is a great option. Let us help make your wedding incredible and unforgettable by providing you with exclusive access to the latest Mclaren rentals in Vegas. We only work with the best exotic car rental services in Vegas so you know your going to get a great car. A special day deserves a special car and we want to help you make your wedding an unforgettable one.