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Maybach Rental Vegas

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Ready to experience  your favorite Maybach rentals in Las Vegas? Drive the new Maybach SUV while your living large in Vegas. The Mercedes Maybach brand spares no luxury. From the dually spointed interior to the powerful engines under the hood you can be sure your riding in one of the most luxurious cars in the world when you rent a Maybach in Vegas.There are two options to choose from the Maybach GLS600 and the Maybach S600. They are both beautiful cars to rent while staying on the Las Vegas strip. We can have any one of these beautiful luxury vehicles delivered to your hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The SUV has free delivery to any hotel on the Vegas strip but the S600 requires an additional transportation fee. We can also have these cars delivered to McCarran International Airport if booked in advance. Call us today and experience the opulence and prestige of a Maybach.

Maybach SUV rental
Maybach S600 rental


There are various reasons why you might want to rent a Maybach while in Las Vegas. First of all Maybach is a prestigious brand by Mercedes. If you own one back home you might want to test drive one while in Vegas and experience the difference between a Maybach and a regular Mercedes. We also have many customers that love to drive a Maybach while there celebrating there biirthday in Vegas. Vegas is a place where you can win big so why not travel in style while your there and drive the new Mercedes Maybach SUV. These are incredible vehicles and are very rewarding to drive. You’ll fall in love with the Maybach vehicles once you get behind the wheel.

The cost to rent a Maybach in Las Vegas can range anywhere between $995 and $1594 per day depending on the model you choose. The Maybach SUV is more costly due to it being newly released. During peak season in Vegas such as holidays or conferences the rate can be slightly higher. There is also a refundable security deposit that is between $2,500-$5,000 depending on the insurance you have.  If you need to rent a vehicle for a longer period we do have special discounts for long term Maybach rentals in Vegas. Most of the time we offer free delivery to all the hotels on the Vegas strip but if we have to transport the car from Los Angeles you would be required to pay additional transport fees.

Maybach GLS600
Due to it being the new kid on the block the Maybach SUV  is one of the most requested luxury car rentals in Vegas. It has a beautiful designed exterior and a luxury appointed interior that gives you a relaxed luxurious feel. This luxury SUV is great for traling with friends and family while in Vegas. Although it is very capable and has plenty of power under the hood it is still quiet and luxurious inside. The ride is exceptionally smooth and you can barely hear a sound while inside the cabin. If your planing to travel outside the Vegas strip you can take this car anywhere in Las Vegas with no problems.

Maybach S600

The S600 is an iconic Maybach that gets plenty of attention in Vegas. The Mercedes Maybach sedan has an unmistakble pressence and has become a classic icon. From the premium sound system to the bespoke interior this Vegas luxury car rental is hard to pass up. If you like to keep it simple but still want the best of the best then this a great option.Travel in style while your crusing the Vegas strip in a Maybach S600. The best part of the Maybach is the interior. The cabin provides unmatched comfort and has a gives the driver and passenger a sense that you are traveling in first class

Yes if you need to rent a Maybach for a commercial, product ad, movie, or photo shoot we would be happy to help find you the perfect Maybach. We’ve worked with all sorts of producers and creatives to help them bring their ideas to life. In this case there are two options. Hire a Maybach with a driver and one of our professional staff will drive the car and position where you need it or rent the car yourself and have your staff take care of driving and moving the car.  If you’d like to rent the car you are required to submit all the required documentation beforehand which include a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.

Yes as long as your over 21 years old and have the proper insurance coverage you can rent any Maybach we have available. If you do not have insurance we can still provide you with a Maybach with a chauffuer. As part of our luxury chauffuer service we will have a professional driver take you around Las Vegas in a beautiful Mercedes Maybach. Most couples getting married in Vegas prefer to hire a Maybach with a driver but the decision is yours. We can have a driver pick you up in your favorite Maybach from your hotel on the Vegas strip and take you around town in ultimate style and luxury. We know how important this day is for you and want to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in one of the most luxurious cars Mercedes-Benz has to offer.