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Corvette Rental Vegas

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Experience a true performance convertible by renting a Corvette in Las Vegas. Since 1953 Chevy has been producing the American icon known as the Corvette Stingray. With the introduction of the new Corvette C8 rental it has become one of the top exotic car rentals in Vegas. Enjoy sin city behind the wheel of a beautiful Corvette C8 convertible this weekend. We can arrange for your favorite Corvette to be delivered to the valet of any one of the beautiful Hotels in Vegas. The new C8 was built from the ground up with a new mid engine design. The new design gives this sports car a perfectly balanced weight ratio to provide better handling then any other Corvette in the past. The exterior has also been revamped with an aggressive look to provide style like never before. It’s also very affordable when compared to other cars in the same class.

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Vegas Corvette rentals are fun to drive and have a stylish new design that looks amazing. There is many reasons why you might want to rent a C8 Corvette in Vegas. Some examples would be your celebrating birthday, a weekend with the bachelor or bachelorette, celebrating a win on the slot machines, getting a new client. The Price is another reason you might want to rent this beautiful sports car. Compared to other mid-engine sports cars the C8 is the most affordable renting for as much as half. Styling is another important factors and can possibly be the most important for some people. The C8 is definitely shines if your looking for a stylish convertible in Las Vegas. Overall the C8 is a great rental car in Las Vegas that will provide you with a fun and exciting time.


The price to rent a Corvette for a day in Las Vegas ranges from $595-$695 per day.  Depending on the year of the which model you choose and how long you reserve the car for. The daily price does not include taxes or the deposit. The refundable deposit for the C8 Corvette is $1000. This is returned to you once the car is returned as long as there is no damage to the vehicle. Delivery is free anywhere on the Las Vegas strip. If you call in advance we an also provide you with free delivery to Harry Reid International Airport. During busy holidays such as New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Christmas,  Easter, and Labor Day prices may be slightly higher because of the high demand.

Corvette Stingray C8 Convertible

The new C8 Corvette Convertible is by far one of the most popular Corvette rentals in Vegas. Customers love the new design and rave about the performance from the mid-engine. The new Corvette Stingray C8 Convertible is a marvel of engineering and is the first time Chevy has introduced a mid-engine sports car. Under the hood is a 6.2-liter LT2 V-8 that produces 495 horsepower. The C8 styling is so different that it is said by many to look like an American Ferrari. If your looking to rent a Corvette in Vegas then the C8 Convertible is a great option. It’s also one of the newest exotic cars available in Vegas.

Corvette Z06 Convertible

The Corvette Z06 C7 although sportier an older design is still an American classic that many car enthusiast gravitate to. Under the hood of the Z06 is a powerful 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine with 658 horse power. It comes with a sleek spoiler and performance exhaust system that roars when put the pedal to the metal. It’s an extremely capable sports car and a ton of fun to drive. That’s not all, it also has better aerodynamic with a larger hood duct and side ducts with the Z06 logo. Overall it is a great alternative if the C8 Corvette is sold out and you still want to rent a Corvette while in Vegas. 

The minimum amount of  time you can reserve a Corvette for in Vegas is 24 hours. During some holidays there may also be a 2 or 3 day minimum requirement. Most of the time however the Corvette C8 is available for one day rentals.  If you only need to rent a Corvette for a couple hours you are allowed to return the car early but would still be subject to pay the full 24 hours cost. Due to the high demand for Corvette rentals we do not offer hourly rentals at the moment.

All Corvette C8 models allow you to remove the top but the convertible version allows you to do it much easier. With the standard model you would need to manually remove the top and store it in the trunk compartment. On the convertible all you need to feel the wind bowing in your hair is the press of a button. This also makes it easier if your driving you wont need to get out of the car to remove the top. With the convertible variant you can even lower the top while driving. You must be driving under 30 mph but that’s much better than having to pull over and get out of the car.

When Chevy created the new Corvette they wanted to not only make it look amazing they also wanted it to be affordable. A new Corvette is much cheaper than it’s foreign competitors so car rental services in Las Vegas are able to pass along these savings to their customers. For the styling and performance you receive it you would not find another convertible sports car in it’s class at this price point. If you want a sexy sports car for the weekend in Vegas and don’t want to break the bank then the Corvette is one of the best options.