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Cadillac Rental Vegas

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If your searching for a Cadillac rental in Vegas we have you covered. Choose from two different models, the Cadillac Escalade and the extended version the Cadillac Escalade ESV. These ultra luxurious American cars are the top of the line when it comes to American luxury SUV’s. You can rent a Cadillac in Las Vegas for a day, weekend, weekly and even on a monthly basis with long term luxury car rentals. Experience a luxury SUV that will transform your car rental experience when you rent a Cadillac on the Las Vegas strip. Cadillac offers some of the most affordable luxury car rentals in Vegas without compromising comfort and style. If you choose to rent a Cadillac for a wedding, birthdays, weddings, proms or corporate event we can help you find the best ride for your special moment. We try to make the process of renting a luxury car in Vegas as simple and easy as possible. We also provide luxury chauffeur services in Las Vegas with our Cadillac Escalade ESV rentals. Rent a Cadillac in Las Vegas this weekend.



Ever since 1990 when Cadillac first produced the Cadillac Escalade it has been a big success. This elegant full sized SUV is the most luxurious American SUV in the world and a great choice as a luxury car rental for Las Vegas. Now in 2021 Cadillac has released the next Generation Escalade & Escalade ESV that are better than ever. If you need a large SUV for all your friends and family to get around Sin City in style then the Escalade is the best option. With enough seats for 7 people the standard Escalade and Escalade ESV are the largest SUV rentals around. These new Escalade models provide a whole new level of luxury, performance and comfort in one package. Experience the bold new look of Cadillac when you rent an Escalade in Vegas. If you need extra room for all your luggage but still have 7 people with you the ESV has an additional 10 inches of space in the rear. You can also hire a Cadillac Escalade with a driver and be taken around Vegas without having to worry about driving. A luxury chauffeur can take you and all your friends around the Vegas strip in style. There is no delivery fee to the Las Vegas strip. We can have an Escalade waiting for you downstairs at your hotel with one phone call.

The price per day for a Cadillac Escalade rental in Vegas ranges anywhere between $299 per day for an older Escalade model and can go up to $650 a day for latest 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV. The cost to rent an Escalade in Vegas does not include the security deposit which might or might not be required. In Vegas the security deposit for the Escalade if there is one is $1000. During special occasions such as New Year’s, Easter, Memorial Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Labor Day there is a higher demand so you might have to pay extra if your looking for an exact model. If your visiting Vegas and need a car for an extended period of time we do provide discounts for long term rentals. You can save as much as 30% by renting an Escalade in Las Vegas on a monthly basis. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss all the options you have available as well as exact pricing.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

The ESV is the biggest and baddest Escalade around Vegas. It’s also the largest luxury SUV providing up to 10 inches of more room in the rear than the standard model. The new 2021 model also comes equipped with 38 inches of OLED HD displays so you can see your instrument cluster and control the premium sound system and intuitive navigation with relative ease. It can seat up to 7 adults comfortably and comes with 4 captains chairs and a bench seat in the rear. The rear seat can be folded down to add additional space for luggage. The Escalade ESV also comes with a quality suspension system that makes it great for long trips down to the grand canyon or wherever your adventures might take you. For such a large SUV it handles beautifully and will make your trip to Vegas an unforgettable one.

Cadillac Escalade

The older model Escalade is also extremely popular due to its lower price point and still provides for a comfortable ride around the Vegas strip. It seats up to 7 people as well and is still an iconic SUV that is luxurious. Due to the higher demand for an affordable luxury SUV in Vegas we are often sold out on this model. If you need a cheap luxury SUV rental in Vegas we recommend calling us in advance so we can reserve this vehicle for you. If the car is not available for rental you can always hire an Escalade with a driver and that way you won’t have to worry about driving at all.

Yes we can arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off from Harry Reid International Airport to your hotel. We can also provide you with multiple Escalade Limo options as well. If your celebrating a bachelor party or all the girls want to go out for a fun night in Vegas give us a call. We work with the top Limo services in Vegas to help find you the perfect car to celebrate in style. Some of the Escalade models we can find you seat up to 12 passengers. Cadillac is an iconic brand so get chauffeured in the one of the best luxury SUV’s in Las Vegas today. We would be happy to help you book any Cadillac Chauffeur from airport transfers to all day extravaganzas.